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About us

SICA packaging & robotics was founded in 2020 by Jeroen Calis. With his decades of experience in the world of packaging technology, Jeroen saw a new need arising in the market. A need for standard solutions, which can be flexibly and quickly adapted to specific customer requirements. A customised solution, but built on an existing basis. Simple to implement and easy to use.
Jeroen also noticed that in the field of packaging technology, the wheel is often reinvented in various industries. That’s a waste of time and costs unnecessary money: the knowledge and expertise already exists and can be reapplied. Packaging techniques from one industry can also work well in another.
In Guus Simons, CEO of BAT Machinebouw, Jeroen found the perfect partner to further develop his ideas on the subject. BAT Machinebouw has been a specialist in the development of automated high-quality solutions for the Food & Beverage industry for many years. They mainly offer stand-alone solutions, where a packaging machine is completely designed and developed for one specific customer.

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Tailored work from a basis

Jeroen Calis and Guus Simons joined forces to combine the two worlds of customisation and standardisation. They came up with the idea of coordinating individual packaging solutions that BAT Machinebouw had already developed. This laid the foundation for a flexible basic packaging solution, which can be quickly and effectively adapted to the customer’s specific wishes and requirements. With the added advantage of a much shorter development and delivery time, the customer is provided with a solution quickly.
At SICA, the customer always comes first! Our self-developed and flexible packaging solutions are of high quality and perfectly tailored to your production process.